Printing Your Book

After you have the text you want in your book formatted, (or have decided to use one of my formatted books), the next step is printing your book. I print my books on regular printer paper using a laser duplexing printer set to short-edge binding.

I prefer a laser printer because the overall price per page is lower, and the print won’t smear and run if it gets wet. The toner refills are crazy expensive, but you don’t need to replace them very often.

Realistically, to print your book, you need a duplexing printer that is able to automatically print both sides of the page. Theoretically, you can manually duplex… but that would be a big job for the number of pages necessary for even the shortest books. I have no experience with this, but you could give it a try! I have a Brother black only duplex laser printer that cost in the range of $100 on sale.

I would love a colour laser duplexing printer, but they are out of my budget at the moment, so I print most of my books in black and white and get my colour pages printed elsewhere.

Print the pages for your book double sided with short-edge binding (rather than long edge-binding) selected. This ensures that the pages are the same side up front and back. I generally print the first 10 pages of the book first to make sure I haven’t made a silly error. (The price of printing your book goes up if you misprint 80 pages of book and have to reprint them all!)

On my Mac, in Preview, I select the print menu, then click the box that says “Two Sided”.

Then I open the menu that says “Preview” and select “Layout”.

Finally, the “Two-Sided” menu comes up, and I change it from the default “long edge binding” to the “short edge binding” that I need.

Then press print!

Of course, your print menu won’t be exactly like mine, but hopefully you can easily print your book pages and be ready to move on to the next step in making your own book – creating the text block.

Steps to Binding Your Own Book:

Step 1: Prepare or Select Text

Step 2: Print your Text (You are here!)

Step 3: Sew your Text Block

Step 4: Make and Attach the Cover

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