Printing and Binding Your Own Books

If there are books you want to read that are out of copyright and available free online, but, like me, you prefer to hold a paper book in your hands, you might be interested to hear that you can print your own copy of those books, and then sew them up to make your own real books.

I learned how to create a hardcover bound book by watching YouTube. I found the videos by Sea Lemon particularly helpful. But she prints blank books. I figured out how to type set my books through trial and error and patience.

If you want to to know how much this will cost, I figured out that it can cost less than 2 cents per page to bind your own book!

The first step is to prepare your text for printing, or you are free to use one of the books I have already formatted for binding.

The second step is to print your book.

The third step is to sew together your text block.

Finally, the last step is to create and attach the cover.

It may seem daunting at first, but it is an easy and fulfilling craft. From printing to sewing can easily be completed in two days, with plenty of time for doing other things while the glue dries.

Steps to Binding Your Own Book:

Step 1: Prepare or Select Text

Step 2: Print your Text

Step 3: Sew your Text Block

Step 4: Make and Attach the Cover

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