Paper Sloyd for Printing and Binding

This is a PDF file of the book Paper Sloyd: A Handbook for Primary Grades by Ednah Anne Rich.

Paper Sloyd for Children in 5 signatures of 4 pages for binding.

To bind your own copy of this book, please follow the directions starting with printing your book.

IMPORTANT: You must print “short-edge binding” on both sides of the page for the pages to be oriented correctly.

This book was created from scanned PDFs, rather than new formatting from plain text, so the quality is not as crisp as with my re-formatted books.

I have formatted it to print and bind to make your own hardcover copy of this book. Your book will consist of 5 signatures, or booklets, each of which will use 4 sheets of paper. To print this book you will print 20 sheets of paper, double sided. Your final book will have 80 pages.

The original book was a horizontal book with a binding on the short edge. In order to print it on regular 8 1/2 X 11 paper, I changed the formatting so it opens like a traditional book along the long edge. You will need to read it sideways, flipping the book pages up, rather than to the left.

This version contains black and white illustrations and diagrams.

This book teaches the art of folding paper, called paper sloyd. Sloyd is a technique of teaching handicraft skills. I first heard about paper sloyd and this book at a Charlotte Mason education conference where Wendi Capehart of the AmblesideOnline Advisory demonstrated a lesson.

You might be interested in reading more about paper sloyd in a Charlotte Mason education at The Charlotte Mason Institute and at Simply Charlotte Mason.

You can find the original text of Paper Sloyd by Ednah Anne Rich at the Internet Archive.

Please let me know if you find any errors so I can correct them for others.

Please consider looking at other books I have formatted for binding.

I hope you enjoy your book! Happy reading!



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