Long’s Home Geography for Printing and Binding

This is a PDF file of the book Geography for Primary Grades by C.C. Long.

Long’s Geography for Primary Grades in 12 signatures of 4 pages. 

To bind your own copy of this book, please follow the directions starting with printing your book.

IMPORTANT: You must print “short-edge binding” on both sides of the page for the pages to be oriented correctly.

I have formatted it to print and bind to make your own hardcover copy of this book. Your book will consist of 12 signatures, or booklets, each of which will use 4 sheets of paper. To print this book you will print 48 sheets of paper, double sided. Your final book will have 192 pages.

This version contains black and white illustrations.

This books explains a variety of geography ideas in a simple and old fashioned way that children can understand. It focuses on asking questions and observing the world.

Geography for Primary Grades by C.C. Long is suggested for use in years 1 to 6 of the AmblesideOnline free Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum. At the end of the book I have included a list of the chapters recommended for use by AmblesideOnline in each year.

Someone on the AmblesideOnline Facebook group asked about how to use this book to teach geography concepts in a Charlotte Mason homeschool. My response was: “There are certain geography concepts to learn each year. In year 6, in term 1 we are supposed to teach about animal features and their purpose and how we use animals. Chapters 37, 38 and 39 of Long’s Geography cover these subjects. You do not have to use this book, but we have found it easiest for us. We read the suggested chapters spread over the term. (I fit them in when we have time, as the chapters aren’t scheduled in the [AmblesideOnline] 36-week schedule) We read the questions [in the end of many of the chapters of Long’s Geography] and sometimes discuss them, but don’t work through the answers or write them down. But feel free to if you want. I personally haven’t felt it necessary.
Then as you go about life, and on nature walks, focus on the concepts that were covered. So in the case of year 6, term 1 you might (and this is totally off the top of my head!) talk about meat at the butcher, leather when you polish your shoes, honey? Maybe find a book about animal tracks at the library or something about horns and antlers? Not a big huge thing. Don’t make it into a project. Just point out things related to the subject over the term when they come up. And have your child look for them too (especially a year 6 child!)
It isn’t really complicated. Read, narrate, notice/focus/point out. That’s it!”

You can find the original text of Home Geography for Primary Grades by C. C. Long at Project Gutenberg.

Please let me know if you find any errors so I can correct them for others.

Please consider looking at other books I have formatted for binding.

I hope you enjoy your book! Happy reading!

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