(Some of) Fifty Famous Stories Retold for Printing and Binding

This is a PDF file of 30 selected stories from the book Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin.

From Fifty Famous Stories Retold in 11 signatures of 4 pages.

To bind your own copy of this book, please follow the directions starting with printing your book.

IMPORTANT: You must print “short-edge binding” on both sides of the page for the pages to be oriented correctly.

I have formatted it to print and bind to make your own hardcover copy of this book. Your book will consist of 11 signatures, or booklets, each of which will use 4 sheets of paper. To print this book you will print 44 sheets of paper, double sided. Your final book will have 176 pages.

This version contains black and white illustrations.

I have used a large font to make it easier for young children to follow along and perhaps read on their own. I have retained the dashes between the syllables of longer words and other grammatical marks designed to make them easier for young readers to decode.

These stories from Fifty Famous Stories Retold were selected by the advisory team for use as a history selection in year 1 of the AmblesideOnline free Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum. The stories have been placed in chronological order, rather than in Mr. Baldwin’s original order. Also, the story of William Tell in Mr. Baldwin’s book has been replaced by a version of the story by Horace Scudder from The Book of Legends, as suggested by the advisory. To quote the AmblesideOnline Advisory, “The selected Tales from ‘Fifty Famous Stories Retold’ are historically vital for cultural literacy. No child should grow up without knowing the story of William Tell or Horatio at the Bridge. These tales not only have deep value as stories of courage, bravery, and wit, but they will also show up in many other readings (and in media sources as well) for the rest of your child’s life.”

My PDF file does not contain the full book as originally published.

You can find the original text of Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin at Project Gutenberg.

You can find the original text of The Book of Legends by Horace Scudder at the Internet Archive.

Please let me know if you find any errors so I can correct them for others.

Please consider looking at other books I have formatted for binding.

I hope you enjoy your book! Happy reading!


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